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Vasco-Navarro Railway Greenway
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Vasco-Navarro Railway Greenway

The Vasco-Navarro Railway Greenway is a long and attractive route between the Arlabán pass (the boundary between the provinces of Álava and Guipúzcoa) and Estella, a town on the Way of St. James. 

It crosses the entire province of Álava from north to south-east and enters the rural district of Tierra Estella via the rural districts of Llanada Alavesa and Montaña Alavesa.

Because of its length, the fact that it passes through the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, and the existence of the long impassable Laminoria tunnel, the proposed route is divided into different sections

ATTENTION!: Acedo Tunnel without temporary lighting. Don't forget to bring a flashlight or frontal.



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