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Rolex replica paypal

A Rolex is a good investment, because the very expensive watches only increase in value - even the replica models.

Despite the fact that Rolex is a world-famous brand, many people often cannot tell the difference between a real one and a fake. And that's a problem, because rolex replica is one of the most counterfeit brands in the world.

The Rolex Explorer models have already been modified again and again in the past. Housing sizes and equipment changed over time. The new version of the Explorer surprises with the chic bicolor design from Oystersteel and 18 carat yellow gold. 

The correct answer is picture A.

For anyone who struggled with this, according to William May, there are six things you need to look at to really distinguish from fake:

1. The magnification of the date
Due to the fine adjustment of a Rolex, the date must be small. That is why a kind of magnifying glass is built in, so that the date can be seen better.

“With all Rolex models, the magnification is 2.5 times and the date really stands out,” says William May. "With a forgery, this often becomes 1.5 times and the date is more difficult to see."

2. The weight
If it feels light, then something isn't right. Or better in English: “If it feels light, it isn't right.”

"Fake Rolexes are usually lighter, because a real Rolex replica is made of high-quality metals and they weigh a lot more," says William May.

3. The water test
If you put the watch under water, nothing should leak in. According to William May, all Rolex watches are 100 percent waterproof, while most counterfeit watches are not.

“The Rolex Submariner replica is the only watch that is truly made for deep sea diving, but all models are waterproof and perfectly sealed,” says the jeweler.

4. The letters
Everything on a Rolex is perfect. If you take a magnifying glass and see irregularities in the letters on the dial, William May says it is a forgery.

5. The rear
If the back is made of glass, plastic or crystal through which you can see the interior of the watch, then you are most likely dealing with a fake.

“There are two very rare 1930s Rolex models that have a glass back, but none. If you are buying a relatively modern Rolex with a clear back, it is not a real one. You can also look at engravings. Rolex replica never does that on the back, but only on the inside, ”says William May.

6. Tapping
If you hear a loud tap from the watch, then you have a fake model in your hands.

“Counterfeit watches are almost never made with as much precision as a Rolex. The sound of the tapping is a very clear indication of this. ”

The black dial is kept minimalist and modeled the original model of 1953. The housing of the new replica Rolex Explorer has become slightly smaller with a diameter of about 36 mm. Thanks to the subtle optimization, the classic look of the Rolex Explorer continues to receive.

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